To Build A Home (Live)

Cover of To Build A Home by The Cinematic Orchestra, performed at Hot Damn.
Ok, so this is terrible - like, 50 times worse than terrible - quality but it’s the only version of this cover I can find on the internet. It’s just too beautiful not to post! 

Original video can be seen here, it was posted by Angie Heller on YouTube.

Cover art taken/posted by the band.

Here’s a clip of the original song.

Mindmaps: Supporting Paramore

So I’m posting this 2.5 hours before doors to get anyone going to paramore excited. You all probably know Paramore is tied with Far Away Stables for my favourite band - so I’ll never forget this night. Enjoy :)

Just a couple of people at Far Away Stables Shows, no big deal…

We’re you in one of these audiences?

30/06/13 - Were you there?

Post is open for discussion, if anyone wanted to chat about this show. Tumblr automatically disables answering after a few days so if there is no interest I wont renew this post

If you wanna talk about another show, send me an ask and I’ll put a question up.

06/30/13 - HQ, WA DETAILS

Date & Time: 1pm 6th June 2013

Venue: YMCA HQ, West Leederville WA

Other Acts

Random Info

  • Although Far Away Stables and Make Believe Me were co-headliners, Far Away Stables had to perform first because Nick had to catch a flight to Europe
  • This was the only AA show for this West Coast tour
  • The show was attended by music photographer Caleb Macintyre and they featured one of his shots on their Facebook page
  • For those who don’t know, Far Away Stables is based in Sydney NSW - 4000km away from Perth
  • Brendan was still recovering from a burn on his arm, caused by “cookies gone wrong”
  • He also ripped his shirt apart during the set, this is not uncommon
  • You can see the outdated Facebook Event Page here

Setlist - Not in order, there may also be mistakes

  • Alexandria
  • A Beggars Plea
  • Such Is Life
  • Cinema (Skrillex Cover)
  • The Art of Madness
  • In My Head
  • What Are You Waiting For